Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adventures of late

Its about time for an update over here at the ol' blog. We have had some absolutely fantastic weather here for the past week or so. It has been unseasonably warm and sunny. Usually we don't get "summer" weather until well after the Fourth of July (last year not until August) so we are enjoying the sun as much as possible.
This past Saturday we spend the day with our friends Ian and Karin at their cabin up north. Lew had so much fun exploring and investigating the new scenery and playing with rocks

I've been making sun tea like a maniac. Brewing in the sun gives the tea a much much better flavor than when brewed with boiling water, never tastes burnt. I use decaf English Breakfast for mine and add 1.5 Tbs sugar to the jar before putting it in the sun. Such a perfect summer drink

Lots of afternoon & morning walks going on around here. Lewis is in full on toddler mode and hates being strapped into the stroller for walks. Its so fun to watch him explore. He points with his little finger when he wants to know the name for something or when he wants to show us something

Zoo time! We have a season pass at the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle and have been trying to take advantage as much as possible. Its super close and such a huge/beautiful zoo. This was our third time going and we got to see so many animals!

We are loving life with this little guy

On another note - if you have been missing the weekly meal plan/loving lately posts head on over to Mothers Mouthful. I post a new menu each Sunday!