Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lately happenings

Life has been pretty hectic around here, lots of house construction going on and a couple of very sick boys! Thankfully we have been having some beautiful sunny days which means lots of playing outside. There has also been a lot of sleeping and painting going on around here.

Future laundry room 

Little cuties on their way to the park 
Little artist

Loving his new dump truck and back hoe loader

Little sicky hanging with Grandpa

Lazy cat taking a nap

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lewis is 3!

Lewis is 3 today and I can hardly believe it. I had no idea how bittersweet parenting is before we had Lewis and Samson. So heartbreaking and at the same time joyous to watch the boys grow and change and become more independent.

We celebrated him yesterday with family. We all met at the trampoline park and then came back to the house for lunch and cake/presents. The trampoline park was AMAZING. Lewis had a blast and jumped non stop for an hour. It was so sweet watching Lewis play with his cousins and open presents. He desperately wanted a purple cake for his bday and I desperately tried to make him one though it turned out more bluish.

Lewis has such an adventurous spirit (just like his dad). He loves chasing and fighting and running and riding his scooter and digging in the dirt. He is non stop action. He also has a really sweet quiet side. Many days we do crafts, puzzles, paint, bake, and just sit and read books together. I love him

Kung fu panda
the color purple
everything sweet
bubbly water
helping dad work
playing in the dirt

trampoline park fun

painting on his new easel

french toast bday breakfast