Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween fun

We had such a fun time trick or treating yesterday. Every year Lee Martinez Farm has a treatsylvania but this is the first time we have gone. There were tons of kids and it was so fun seeing all of the adorable costumes. Vendors from around town (dentists, sporting goods stores, etc) had little booths with doors that the kids got to knock on to trick or treat. There was even a hay ride! Lewis was a little hesitant at first but was having so much fun by the end of our time there. The best part was spending time with our sweet friends

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sammy's 10 month update & recent happenings

My sweet little baby is already 10 months old! Time is rushing past more quickly than I ever thought possible. I love this precious boy to death. He is so happy and cuddly and playful. He is also extremely laid back and hardly makes a sound when we are out and about. Sam is constantly exploring and discovering new things. He has 6 teeth and is pulling himself up and standing for long stretches of time on his own! He is a pro stair climber, super fast crawler, and loves to splash around in the bath tub with Lewis. We just can't imagine life without you Sam!

In other news: we have been loving this fall season. Each day has been gorgeous and super warm. Last Friday we rode bikes down to the CSU homecoming parade and had a blast! I just love seeing the boys together in the bike cart (Lewis with his fireman jacket on of course)

This week we have been blessed to spend time with some much beloved friends! Hannah and her girls are here from Utah and it has been so awesome to have play dates with her and Tara. Love these girls and their sweet babies!
The kids

Lewis and Madelyn on their scooters

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's been a while

So many sweet memories and new life are associated with this little blog. Its been too long since I've written, too long since I've even thought about writing. So much has changed! Of course we have increased our numbers and are no longer two plus one but two plus two. My boys grow sweeter and sweeter every day and I can't imagine life without them. Now I write from Colorado and though we've been here for over a year I still long for the quite, soft air of the Pacific NW and the lush and beautiful landscape. It still feels like home to me there.

The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous. We take walks every day and I'm reminded why I love fall so much. Crunchy leaves! Crisp air. Light jackets, brisk walks, bundled babies, and warm drinks.