Thursday, December 10, 2015

Loving Lately

I haven't done a loving lately post in such a long time! I am loving several things lately that I think you all will love as well:

Bindle. Delicious coffee and baked goods. Lately I have been loving their peppermint mocha with their homemade almond milk. So delicious and not sickeningly sweet. I'm usually not a fan of flavored coffee drinks but this one has made me a believer

 This tea. I first started drinking this tea a few years ago when we lived in Washington. Lately it has made a huge comeback in the Odell household and I have at least one cup a day. It is naturally sweet and spicy because of the cinnamon. Perfect for this season

 I am a HUGE Christmas candle fan. Every year I have to buy new, huge candles because I burn them down in the span of a month. Diffused, these two oils smell better than any Christmas candle I've had and both oils also promote a calm, relaxing environment, win win in my book!

 This dressing is so so delicious. I bought it for the first time last month while I was on my whole 30. It's one of the few dressings that doesn't have any added sugar or weird oils in it. I put it on everything! My eggs and veggies in the morning, burrito bowls, salads, etc.

What are some things you are loving lately?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Yesterday was a day for haircuts. When Samson and Lewis have short hair I look like a good mom because their hair isn't all wild and crazy when we go out. I always forget to brush their hair! Most days they both have perpetual bedhead. Here is the before:

On the left: we had 30 minutes to kill before the appointment so I thought going into Pier 1 would be a good idea....not so. What was I thinking?? Luckily we made it out without having to pay for any broken merchandise.
On the right: Sams face, haha. He's trying to get his jacket off

 And the after pics:
Lewis's got about 4 inches cut off, his hair was so long!

Monday, December 7, 2015

December in the Odell house

The infrequency of my posts makes me sad. I know you have all been anxiously awaiting an update on our day to day lives here in Fort Collins, Co.

December and all that comes with it is in full swing in our house. We've been decorating, playing, movie watching, and adventing (yup, just made that one up). Somehow, in the midsts of all of this celebrating and fun I still manage to be in a bad mood most of every day and the boys are the whiniest they've been in months. Behind all of the decorations and special crafts I've been doing with the boys each day there is a very tired mamma and a couple of  tired boys. I've always wanted more than anything to give the boys (and ultimately myself) the coziest, most fun filled Christmas in the whole world but I'm coming to realize that dream can not be a reality.
The boys are loving the activities we've been doing for advent this year. However, I think next year all of our advent activities will be simple things that the boys love to do but that we rarely do together. Play with cars, build a train track together, paint a picture, read all day, etc. Ultimately my boys just want to be with me, they don't care what we do! I know that they would have a lot more fun if I weren't rushing around trying to create a special moment for them. Special moments abound when I stop holding so tightly to my vision for each day. Today for example, we made a felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments. We went to the store this morning (all of us enduring Anni's blood curdling screams for 15 minutes - she still hates her carseat), came home, I nursed Anni, made the boys lunch, put Anni down for her nap, and was finally able to cut everything out for the boys. They played with it for 3 minutes maybe. I have to laugh because it was so hard getting everyone out the door and the end result was not as magical as I was hoping!

Here are some sweet pics of our days lately:

A little impromptu lunch in the back of the car after our home depot run

Special ornaments for the tree! I could not for the life of me get sam to look at the camera lol

Sweet Annibel, just because :)
Every year we go to the lights at the Gardens on Spring creek and every year it is FREEZING. We pretty much just speed walk through all of the displays and take some pictures by the lights. Anni was nice and warm in Jeff's jacket  :)
Anni girl all warm and cozy

Here are a few of our decorations this year. The boys have been all about decorating this year which has been really sweet.

Our awesome felt tree!
Advent calendar 

Christmas tree