Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bathtime for diggers & Kale soda

We started doing this a few months ago when Lewis was playing in the dirt all.day.long. This is an awesome activity for toddlers on a chilly day (or a sunny day) if you need time to cook dinner or do dishes. Lewis loves giving his diggers a bath. I lay a towel down on the kitchen floor and give him a bowl of soapy water for washing and a bowl of warm clean water for rinsing. I usually throw in a cup too. Water definitely gets on the floor but it actually ends up being a bonus for me because I feel like the floors are a little more clean after I clean up. Lewis loves helping me wash the dishes too! I'll give him utensils and small things to wash, its great.

On a completely different and random note, I saw this crime against humanity in the grocery store the other day...I mean, I know kale is totally "in" right now but soda, really?? I enjoy a good kale salad or some leaves of kale thrown into a fruit smoothie but a leaf of kale by itself it tastes so gross.