Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Trimester Revisited

Hi all!

I thought it would be good to give a little summary of what my first trimester was like. I'll start at the beginning.
 I decided to take a pregnancy test when I woke up at 5am on a Saturday needing to go to the bathroom, definitely not a regular occurrence. You are supposed to wait for 3 minutes or some similarly absurd length of time to look at the results so I waited 30 seconds and looked at the two boxes that would determine the rest of our lives! I was pregnant ( I made sure to take 3 more tests just to be sure)! Assuming that Jeff would also have to get up I left the test on the counter so that he would see it. Sure enough he got up 10 minutes later. Many words could be used to describe Jeff's face as he came back into the bedroom, confused, excited, shocked. I explained that I took the test and he was going to be a daddy! I for some reason assumed that we would both just be able to easily fall asleep once we both knew. Not the case. We were both so excited we just lay in bed with our eyes wide open smiling and frequently reminding each other that we were going to have a little baby!

Strangely enough, the surreal feelings that surrounded the first few moments and hours after finding out that we made a little life were there for pretty much all of the first trimester. I attribute this to several things: I had absolutely no morning sickness or other "symptoms" that made me feel like there was a baby in there, we waited 12 weeks to tell most of our family, and we live what seems like worlds away from those we love.

We were able to tell everyone in person when we flew home to Colorado for Christian and Amber's wedding! My birthday was on the 5th of September so we celebrated with family and friends... and this delicious cake

Although I didn't experience any morning sickness I did notice an almost immediate change in my body. It was so weird to see my body changing even though I was eating and working out the same as usual. As far as cravings go, I haven't really had any. There was a week when I wanted only chipotle for dinner, many weeks when vegetables didn't sound particularly appealing, nights that I just had to have black beans, but nothing crazy. In fact, it seems that my normal love of certain foods has just increased throughout pregnancy. I mean, I loved pudding before I was pregnant so does feeling like I could eat an entire gallon at once constitute a craving now that I'm pregnant? I submit that it does not.

My parents came to visit us a week after we found out and we decided we could not resist the urge to tell them. At the time the baby was this big and received its first nickname "Lentil". Little Lentil is now much MUCH bigger and growing more every day.

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