Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What pregnancy has taught me

Here at 21 weeks of pregnancy I have learned a few things

1) The number of pillows I sleep with in no way means that I will sleep well

2) While duct tape has its merits, it can't compare to the usefulness of a rubber band through the button hole of my jeans doubling as an elastic waist

3) Pregnancy makes putting on a tight pair of jeans after a hot shower about 100 times more difficult not less so

4) Sometimes a good workout means a 30 minute walk and carrying the groceries up to our apartment

5) My body is not my own - its so fun/scary seeing all the changes pregnancy has brought about in my body. I never thought I, at 23, would have the aches and pains that I do now.

6) Healthy eating habits are more important than I ever understood before. Not only do they keep me healthy and strong but the food I eat and the nutrients I get from it are helping me to grow a human!

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