Tuesday, January 31, 2012

34 Week update

34 weeks today and the weeks continue to fly by.
The baby is putting on fat and his lungs will finish up developing this week. From now until he is born he will pretty much just be fattening up. He is getting big at almost 5 lbs and 18 inches long! He is definitely face down and his little back is facing out which is good. We have so much fun feeling him when he moves, trying to decide if its an arm or a leg poking out.
This morning especially I am having a lot of braxton hicks. They don't really hurt but they are definitely becoming more uncomfortable than they were when I first started getting them at 17 weeks. I am noticing that I am more tired, especially at night, but even so it has been difficult to fall asleep. Exercising still feels really good and I have been able to reintroduce some elliptical into my weekly routine. I haven't been working out with quite as much intensity but have thankfully managed to make it to the gym almost every day.
Jeff and I have been using these last few weeks to get everything set up and ready for the baby. Among other things we have set up his swing

and tested out his car seat

Most women are an average of 8 days late with their first baby. Even so its getting harder and harder to resist counting down the days until I'm full term and my tentative due date. Only 3 weeks until I'm full term ( and can have the baby out of hospital at the birth center) and 6 weeks until his due date!

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