Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project Nursery: Fitted crib sheet

With just about 7 weeks left there isn't too much more time to complete projects. Honestly I don't even feel like starting anything new right now at all. However, when I saw these cute crib sheets I decided to try my hand at them. I just finished the first one and it turned out...well, it turned out and Im happy about that. It was one of the easier projects that I have done but my machine was / is being finicky which made all of the actual sewing a little difficult. I ran out of white thread so I decided to use forest green. Elastic is awesome because it transforms the entire project. It was fun putting it in and watching the flat sheet of fabric bunch up and turn into a crib sheet! Definitely an enjoyable and rewarding project. I started with a simple color to go with the nursery decor but will definitely be making several more of these. Maybe some flannel? Now I just need to pick up a mattress pad.

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