Tuesday, March 6, 2012

39 Week update

One week to go until my tentative due date on March 13th! Both Jeff and I definitely feel ready to meet our little boy. It is so exciting thinking about maybe getting to call Jeff at work to tell him Im in labor! This past week I spent a lot of time getting the apartment and nursery organized and ready to go just in case he decides to come early. Birth center bag is all packed with clothes and snacks for all of us. The nesting instinct is definitely running rampant right now. Almost every day I do a load of laundry and clean everything I can. It just feels so good to have everything in its proper place.
38 weeks

39 weeks

Im still feeling good this week. Definitely more aches and pains then normal. My arms have started falling asleep at night and I have carpel tunnel in my right wrist because of the high volume of blood in my body. I generally toss and turn most nights but feel pretty good throughout the day! My ankles are starting to look a little swollen. I just noticed them this past weekend so I am going to try and remember to put them up as often as I can. Workouts...I wouldn't really call them workouts at this point. I have been going to the gym every/every other day just to walk for a little while or ride the bike. I get tired so much more quickly so I want to keep up my strength for the big day!

The baby is doing great too! He is still head down which is awesome. Still moving throughout the day, poking his little arms and legs out all the time. It seems so strange that there is a full grown baby in there! He is probably around 7lbs or more and has most likely reached his full length. My next midwife appointment is on Thursday so, if he doesn't come before then we'll see if I've made any more progress. Such an exciting time!

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