Tuesday, March 13, 2012

40 week update: a humbling journey

Wow, 40 weeks! Somehow I just never expected to actually be full term. I was really kind of hoping the baby would come like...yesterday.

How does it feel being 40 weeks pregnant some of you might ask. It feels like... a lot of work! Its funny how even the simplest things take more time and effort than ever before; rolling over in bed, bending down to pick up a sock, washing my face at night! Both Jeff and I are so excited to meet our little baby boy, we fall asleep every night wondering if it will be "the" night. The excitement builds a little more each day and with each day also comes frustration and worry. Will I have to be induced? What if the house isn't clean? What if he isn't here by the time company starts arriving? What if there is a giant earthquake which sets off a volcanic eruption which leads to a tsunami and we can't make it to the birth center?? I know, I know, its scary. Crazy thoughts from the brain of a pregnant woman.

The most beautiful thing about the last few weeks has been seeing all of the ways that we have been blessed and also humbled. Pregnancy truly is a humbling journey. I have learned that I can't do it all. Physically it is impossible for me to do everything by myself at this point. I first started to understand this when my workouts began decreasing in duration and intensity. Now at 40 weeks my physical limitations are even greater (its hard to put on pants). Mentally and emotionally I can't do everything by myself. My hormones have been so crazy lately, I have no idea what's going on in there and if I did Im pretty sure I would be unable to control it. It is humbling knowing that, even now, although Im pretty much constantly on the brink of crazy, I have a husband who is loving and tender and understanding.

I think the most humbling thing about pregnancy thus far is learning to accept the generosity of others. We have been blessed with such a wonderful community here in Washington both friends and family. These past few weeks especially people have been making and bringing us meals, picking up things for us at the store, buying us flowers, throwing me showers, even inviting us over for the afternoon just to talk and eat delicious pie. I am astounded at the depth of people's kindness to us. I never realized how difficult it is for me to accept help and gifts until now. Accepting a meal from a friend is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done! Other's generosity has revealed the stinginess and thoughtlessness of my own heart and that my friends is humbling.

It is hard to wait for the baby to come but such a wonderful gift to have so many caring and loving people around us, supporting us during these last few days (weeks??). So, with all that we have been blessed with in mind, we wait in anticipation for the newest member of our family to arrive!

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  1. Awww, that is so sweet!! Yes, I have a hard time accepting gifts as well... it's something I'm working on. :) We're so excited for you and Jeff and can't wait to meet the little guy! Congratulations!