Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meals for last week

Its funny how the routine of living life subtly and gradually prepares you for each day, one right after the other. After I had Lewis I couldn't imagine being able to take care of a baby AND cook dinner every day AND get chores done around the house and...shower. But here I am 6 weeks later and somehow I managed to cook dinner this week! Some of the meals I carried over from a couple of weeks ago because, thanks to Molly, I didn't even end up needing to cook at all

Monday - Salmon with lentils, beets, kale + spinach salad, and an artichoke
Tuesday - Fig-Prosciutto pizza
Wednesday - Blackened chicken with lime Quinoa + salad + rosemary white cheddar biscuits
Thursday - Spicy Southwestern Pork tenderloin (from Jess) with rice and salad
Friday - Crispy Blackened tofu noodle bowls
Saturday - Spinach tortellini with roasted veggies

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