Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A weekend to write home about

This past weekend was perfect; a weekend to write home about

Watching the ducks on our morning walk
The blossoms appeared in the span of only 1 day! They are in full bloom right now and each tree branch looks like it has fluffy pink clouds on it
 On Saturday we took advantage of the clear skies and warm weather and headed down to eat some lunch at Greenlake. We grabbed some sandwiches in Fremont at Paseo and headed over to the lake for some people watching. Lewis had so much fun crawling around in the grass

 Easter morning was bright and sunny. Lewis has been loving his sunglasses and wears them around the house
 Opening his Easter present (sitting on his little chick haha)
Sunday was absolutely gorgeous with clear skies as far as the eye could see and temps around 70!

 View of Rainier on our way home from Easter dinner with friends

A beautiful day here in Washington is worth more than pure gold. Spring here is like magic and it makes you feel so alive and free! I have never enjoyed the sunshine or the outdoors more

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  1. I love that Lewis wears his sunglasses around the house :) So glad you guys had a fun weekend!