Thursday, December 10, 2015

Loving Lately

I haven't done a loving lately post in such a long time! I am loving several things lately that I think you all will love as well:

Bindle. Delicious coffee and baked goods. Lately I have been loving their peppermint mocha with their homemade almond milk. So delicious and not sickeningly sweet. I'm usually not a fan of flavored coffee drinks but this one has made me a believer

 This tea. I first started drinking this tea a few years ago when we lived in Washington. Lately it has made a huge comeback in the Odell household and I have at least one cup a day. It is naturally sweet and spicy because of the cinnamon. Perfect for this season

 I am a HUGE Christmas candle fan. Every year I have to buy new, huge candles because I burn them down in the span of a month. Diffused, these two oils smell better than any Christmas candle I've had and both oils also promote a calm, relaxing environment, win win in my book!

 This dressing is so so delicious. I bought it for the first time last month while I was on my whole 30. It's one of the few dressings that doesn't have any added sugar or weird oils in it. I put it on everything! My eggs and veggies in the morning, burrito bowls, salads, etc.

What are some things you are loving lately?

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