Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Loving lately - December 2017

Hello again old friends! This time of year always has me thinking of my favorite things. There are a lot of things on my list but here are my top 4 this month:

This pine syrup from Dram Apothecary. One of my favorite stores in town, Knapsack, started carrying this syrup and I was intrigued the moment I saw it. PINE flavored syrup that you can use with anything from tea/coffee to meats? What? You guys, its GOOD! It doesn't taste overwhelmingly piney. It's sweet, has a subtle taste of pine (reminds me of gin), and it really does taste amazing in tea/coffee or my favorite, sparkling water. It's like a light, fresh tasting soda. I'm in love

In my mind, Rifle paper company can do no wrong. Everything they make is both functional and a work of art. I love love love this cute little journal. Its absolutely beautiful, not too bulky, and the soft cover can easily be opened and laid flat or tucked underneath for easy writing. These make excellent gifts for just about everyone. Check them out!

 Every year around thanksgiving I pull out Christmas Spirit and Idaho Balsam Fir and diffuse away until sometime in early spring haha! This combo gives me all the Christmas/winter/cozy/chestnuts roasting by an open fire feels and I love them. Not only does Idaho balsam fir smell amazing, it works wonders on sore muscles and supports the respiratory system! You're welcome ;)

 Little Giraffe baby blankets are the best! All of my kids have a small one that they have had since they were born. They are SO soft and the perfect size for small hands to carry around. The boys have loved theirs so well they are completely ripped and discolored now. Calvin will be getting this new beauty for Christmas! These also make great gifts and there are so many adorable styles and colors to choose from

Tell me what YOU are loving lately! I always enjoy trying new things

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