Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We're half way there

20 weeks today! In 5 more months we will be holding our little baby boy :)
Today he is as long as a banana and weighs 10 1/2 oz. During the ultrasound he was even practicing his breathing by contracting his little stomach muscles. Im still feeling great. I usually have a lot of energy and have been able to exercise almost the same as normal but generally for less time. I can definitely feel the extra pounds every day as I walk up the three never ending flights to our apartment.

Photo courtesy of my sweet husband in the parking lot at his work. Jeff has been so supportive and sweet throughout the entire pregnancy. He is always talking to the baby, rubbing my back, and suggesting yummy things for us to eat! I am so thankful for him.

On another note, it was so fun telling family the gender of our little man! We made them wait an entire day. I personally love surprises so I generally try to think up the best way to keep others in suspense as long as possible. We have family in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs Co., L.A California, and Scottsdale AZ. We ordered cupcakes with gender appropriate decorations and had everyone pick them up and open them at 5pm! It was so fun knowing that those we love were finding out and celebrating at the same time. 

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