Friday, October 21, 2011


We had our first ultrasound yesterday afternoon and it was so amazing! After an hour of driving in traffic and getting lost once we made it to the appointment. Both Jeff and I were feeling kind of frustrated and tired after a long week of work for Jeff and a long drive into Seattle. Thankfully seeing our little Lentil made us completely forget about the silly annoyances of the day. Our hearts just melted as we watched our baby move and kick. It was incredible being able to see tiny toes, fingers, the heart. During the entire ultrasound the baby was playing with it's feet and looked so cute! Everything is right on track and the baby looks completely healthy and happy. Yay!! Here are some good profile pictures we got at the end of the appointment:

                                        I love how clearly you can see the profile and little chin

We will be revealing the gender later tonight to our family and then friends! Stay tuned :)

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