Tuesday, November 8, 2011

22 week update: Strange happenings

22 weeks and strange things are happening over here. Last night I had the best idea ever: square eggs. So, as you can imagine I spent the entire night thinking about how to make my eggs square. I even had a dream about Jeff cooking me square eggs. Finally I decided to use our griddle...as it is the only square pan we have. The process was just as easy as I had dreamed. I only used 2 eggs so they were a tad thin (paper thin really). However, I was surprised by how easy it was to flip them! It was just like flipping over a hot, thin, egg blanket.

I found that our regular sized plates aren't big enough for square eggs so to remedy the situation I made a few well placed folds (square eggs fold like a dream).

Pros: quick cooking, square, easy to fold, never undercooked
Cons: extremely thin in some areas, not very much flavor, dry...

Am I deranged in my advanced pregnant state? Perhaps. What I've learned to say at times like these is: "The baby made me do it". 

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  1. Best post so far. :-) You crack me up, Leah.