Tuesday, November 22, 2011

24 week update

 Technically Im not actually 6 months along today but this is the last week before Im a full 6 months pregnant. Its pretty crazy thinking about how quickly time is passing. In just 3 weeks we will be heading back to Colorado for Christmas (Yay!!). When we get home it will already be nearly January and we will just have a couple of months until our baby boy makes his appearance. We still have so much to do!

 Today the baby is as big as an ear of corn! Thats about 12 inches in length and just over one pound in weight. His brain and his lungs are developing a lot this week, preparing him for the outside world. Feeling and seeing more and more kicks and rolls. It is so relaxing sitting with my hand on my stomach feeling the little guy swim around in there.  As far as bodily changes go I would say that everything is normal. My stomach definitely gets a little bigger every week and Im always surprised when I see it in the mirror! I have still been exercising almost every day but will probably decrease the intensity soon as I tend to have quite a few braxton hicks contractions when I do a lot of cardio. They aren't painful just kind of uncomfortable.

 I have been enjoying working on little projects and further solidifying my "vision" for his nursery. Its already so fun being a mother and getting to prepare the baby's space for him. 

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