Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project nursery: fabric banner

I felt like I had to wait to start working on the baby's nursery until we knew the gender. Now that we know, full steam ahead! Designing the nursery is difficult for me because not all of the elements are present so I have just been moving forward slowly, working with colors that I like and focusing on making the room simple and peaceful. Technically, my first sewing project produced these burp cloths:

But I like to think of these banners as the start of my nursery projects. It was so fun making these knowing that they will be for our little boy. I originally got the idea from a nursery that a friend in Colorado put together for her new baby. She posted all of the photos on her blog: From Colorado with Love. I found some great directions here: Fabric banner tutorial, and got to work! It took a very long time to decide on fabric but I eventually found 5 that I really like. I still have one more to go for a total of two but this should give you a good idea of what the finished product looks like.


  1. You did such a good job, Lea! makes me want to sew all sorts of things for the little guy!

  2. Thanks! Me too, its so fun being able to work on projects for our little guy!