Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun summer dinner idea

Summer is right around the corner, for those of us here in Washington, and already in full stride for most everyone else. When the sun is high and the sky is clear few things sound as good to me as throwing on my shades and heading outdoors. Obviously Lewis feels the same

 Grilling is a great way to get outside during the summer months and the perfect excuse to pass off dinner responsibilities to the hubby:) This week I thought it would be fun to plan a meal cooked entirely on the grill! I haven't decided exactly what it will consist of yet but there are a few options:

Turkey burgers - chipotle cheddar or turkey fajita burgers
Chicken and steak kabobs
Corn on the cob - Here are some fun ideas
Sweet potatoes - this looks like a yummy recipe or just brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt + pepper / brown sugar!
Broccoli with olive oil and salt + pepper
Peaches + rhubarb

What are your favorite things to grill?


  1. Green beans with some vinegar and sprinkled with sea salt
    Zucchini brushed with soy sauce

    1. Yum! I can't wait to try both of those. I've been looking for a new way to fix green bean's:)

  2. Michael just tried some pork chops from Whole Foods the other day that turned out great. We have a pork rub from a store in Fort Collins, and he just put that on, and that was it! Asparagus is also really good grilled too, with just olive oil and salt/pepper. Definitely share what you end up doing and how it goes!

    1. Pork chops sound delicious! I always forget about them when I'm trying to come up with a good dinner idea. Ill have to get some for next week, and some asparagus! Do you put the asparagus right on the grill or on foil?

    2. We have this awesome device that we got at Marshall's which is like a metal tray with holes in it, and you set it down on top of the grill and you can put anything on it! It's kind of like this: You can cook any kind of vegetables on it and they won't fall through.

    3. Cool! Thanks for the tip, we are definitely going to pick one of those up