Friday, June 15, 2012

3 Months old

3 months old and he has changed so much from the tiny little thing we brought home on March 15th

Now he's a happy, goofy, strong little boy!

drooling at Auntie Heather's 

grabbing his foot for the first time!

Crawling already! Just kidding, only practicing :)

goofy face
such a serious little guy sometimes

Lewis weighs in at around 13 pounds now and is the cutest little guy! Although the color right around his pupil has changed to a greenish brown the rest of his eye color is still the steely gray that it was when he was born. We can't tell if they are going to be blue or hazel!
Jeff and I just love "playing" with him: reading him books, talking to him, laying with him while he has his tummy time. Each week we go grocery shopping together; he is such a good shopping buddy! I plop him into the ergo when we get to the store and he just hangs out and looks around while I get the groceries.
 He is a very drooly baby and is constantly chewing on his hands and sucking on his fingers. Sometimes we will go in to get him up from his nap and he will be sucking his thumb! He has been wanting to stand a lot lately and pulls himself up to a seated position when we are holding him.
Last week he learned how to roll onto his tummy from his back! He usually sleeps on his stomach now for his naps. We put him down on his back and he immediately rolls over and falls asleep :)
We are so in love with our little man! He is the sweetest thing and bring so much joy to our days

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  1. Don't let him grow anymore until I get to see him!;)