Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meals for this week

One of our favorite meals from last week were the chicken empanadas with chorizo and olives. I ended up using puff pastry crust for the dough because I didn't have enough time/energy to make my own. They were delicious and the crust was light and flakey! We ate the leftovers for lunch the next day mixed in with some eggs. perfection.

This week we are trying something different with our meals. I usually meal plan and grocery shop for one week at a time. However, after reading this blog I was inspired to switch things up a bit and try to plan and shop for 2 weeks. It definitely takes a LOT of planning initially but I think we saved a little money and I'm hoping I'll be able to save time next week by not having to go grocery shopping. It was fun looking through different recipes trying to find out how to best use our groceries. I'm not very good at it yet but I hope I will continue to get better and maybe one day I will be able to shop for 4 weeks worth of groceries like Danielle. I love having fresh produce but I have found that my veggies/greens have been lasting about 2 weeks anyway so I'm not worried about running out. One good way to get some veggies in would be to blend down some greens while they are still fresh, freezing them in ice cube trays, and throwing the cubes into smoothies at the end of the second week.

Here are our meals for the next two weeks:
Week 1

Week 2
  • pancakes & eggs with salad
  • Chicken tacos (with leftover chicken from week 1)
  • Meat loaf with veggies & sweet potatoes
  • White bean & Swiss chard pot pies
  • Beef and butternut squash stew (leftover from week 1)
  • Rice noodles with chicken sausage, spinach, and parm

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