Friday, February 15, 2013

11 months old

11 months old today!
Lewis is such a big boy. He has been chatting up a storm every day. He is even starting to say some words:

He understands so much, how to play games, when its time to eat or drink water, when I tell him no no, how to be gentle

Things he loves:
*throwing toys in the bath tub
*bath time
*being chased/hide and seek
*playing "so big"
*shaking his head no
*turning pages in his books
*feeding mommy and daddy snacks
*dogs & little children (he points and squeals)
* his little wooden puppy toy. He chews on it all day and loves putting the beads in his mouth

Instead of spending my day with a baby it's beginning to feel more and more like I'm spending time with a little boy. He is just the sweetest boy and is always happy and laughing. He makes each day so fun!

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