Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A family visit!

Jeff's parents came to visit us last Friday. For some reason this is the only picture I took the entire time...on the day of their departure... I blame it on pregnancy

It was so nice to see them and to spend time with them. Friday afternoon Jeff was able to get off work a little early and we drove west with Chris and Molly to Wenatchee to visit some extended family. The drive is quite long which was good because we were able to catch up and enjoy each other. We stayed the night on Friday and after a delicious lunch at Uncle Dennis and Aunt Phyllis's house we packed up and headed back to Mill Creek. 
Saturday night we were all pretty tired and so we ended up grabbing a quick bite from our beloved Central Market. 
Sunday we went to church and then split up in the afternoon. The boys went to play a round of frisbee golf while Molly and I stocked up on groceries at Trader Joe's, QFC, and Central Market. It was so nice to have company! We got the ingredients to make sausage, kale, and white bean soup and rosemary and white cheddar biscuits for dinner and cocoa chewies for dessert. It was my first time making the biscuits and they were really really good. I ended up doubling the recipe and freezing half so that we can have some when the baby is born. That night we headed out into the rain to see The Grey. It was just so so in my opinion. I was kind of hoping for a man vs. wild movie but it ended up being more about one man's struggle with faith. Too artistic. 
Monday was a relaxing day. We met up with Jeff for lunch at a yummy thai restaurant near his work. After that Molly and I got to go shopping for the baby! We got him a couple more crib sheets, mattress pads, and some sweet books, all of which are in his nursery as we speak! We ended the night with cookies and games. 
It was so nice to have them visit and its hard to believe that the next time we see them the baby will be here!

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