Sunday, July 15, 2012

4 months old

Happy 4 months Lewis!

this boy is getting so old! He has changed so much in the past few weeks and met so many new people. Its amazing watching him grow and develop. He is 14lbs .5 oz and 25.5 inches long
recent changes:

  • grabbing his feet
  • chewing his fingers
  • "talking"
  • grabbing (toys, hair, noses, and lips)
  • watching us eat
  • his first swim
  • his first tooth!! Just noticed the sharp little point of his first tooth on the bottom left. Im still so shocked that he is already getting teeth!

relaxing with uncle Dennis on the 4th of July

socializing at church with Grandma and Grandpa

eating mommy's hair

looking at his fishies


grabbing his toes for the first time by himself

edmonds beach with his mimi

edmonds beach 

first swim with his daddy

tasty fingers

Johnny jump up time

his shocked face

getting good at holding his own bottle!

sleepy baby


  1. He is just SO DARN CUTE! I can't wait to hold him!!!

  2. Gosh, I just love his face in the second photo... so so precious! I just want to squeeeeeeeze him!!!!!!!