Friday, October 19, 2012

7 months

Our little baby is 7 months old (as of the 15th)! He is changing more and more each day.  Some new things:

  • 6 teeth (two front are new!)
  • Foods: peas, carrots, sweet potato, banana, apple, butternut & acorn squash, pear
  • Biting... he thinks its the best thing ever to suck on my arm until he can get a little skin in between his razor sharp teeth to chomp on. OUCH
  • Crawling: he is moving around all over the place. Of course he loves trying to get at everything he isn't supposed to have (computer cords!)
  • Intense loathing of diaper changes: changing his diaper and clothes each day has become something of a nightmare lately. As soon as I put him on his changing table he will let out a pterodactyl like screech and roll onto his stomach. Little monster!
  • Loves: Cowboy SmallMr. Panda Bear, his brush, mesh feeder stuffed with banana, walks, and peekaboo! 

Big mouth full of teeth!

Sucking his thumb on our walk today
Crawling all over the place
Stood up by himself resting against Jeff's leg!

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