Thursday, November 17, 2011

Project Nursery: Flannel rag baby quilt

This was such a fun project. Fun and time consuming. Luckily I have a limitless amount of time to work on my sewing! I decided to make this sweet little quilt as soon as I saw it on Pinterest and quickly followed the link to a fairly easy tutorial on Do it yourself divas. It was a lot of fun picking out the fabric, especially because Jo-Anne's had just gotten a new shipment of flannel in! I have found that Im naturally more drawn to more vibrant colors for the baby's room so the fabrics I chose for the quilt coordinate pretty well with the fabric I used for the flags.
                        Flags                                                                                                     Quilt

It took a very long time to cut out each strip of fabric and batting but the sewing itself went fairly quickly!

It was fun laying out each pattern and deciding what I wanted the quilt to look like

And after several days of sewing and trimming and binding (shudder) its finished!

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  1. Cute! Look at you sewing your own baby quilt. And binding even?? I am way too scared to try that. Way to go!